) Yes, but not if you admit to lying earlier.

Your CBP polygraph failure has the potential to affect your TSA application, even though TSA does not have a pre-employment polygraph screening requirement.

o The investigation involves, among other things, reviewing public and other records, including financial records, like credits reports; interviewing friends, family, colleagues, and the candidate for employment; and for many positions, a polygraph examination. .

The polygraph examination is most often used to tease out information you may have failed to disclose in your initial SF-86.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and while it’s possible to complete your SF-86 in a day, it’s definitely not recommended. . .

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(40 days allotted for the Investigation Phase and 20 days for the Adjudication Phase. . .

. Jun 11, 2018 · The process of taking a polygraph is stressful and nerve-wracking by design, but here are four critical things to understand before you ever set foot in an examination room.

Remember, a polygraph itself is rarely the reason for a security clearance denial, but may be a factor if you have several character red flags in your background.

May 10, 2017.

If you have filled out and submitted a SF 86, will you always have to do a polygraph? I cannot discern from reading here if it is only for TS clearances or people. .

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Updating your SF86 is your job, not the polygraph operator’s.
For some reason, working with Stinger missiles required a Top Secret clearance.



Feb 19, 2010 · 02-20-2010, 01:02 PM. . When I was a teenager, back in New York state, I had some bad fights w/ my parents and was arrested a few times, w/ no charges pressed ultimately; I talked to a lawyer, and he said.

. One ClearanceJobsBlog. Quick question; I was received my final secret eligibility earlier this year, however, when i submitted my SF-86, my FSO did not properly explain all of the criteria to me, simply stating that all questions covered “the past 7 years”; in regards to q. . ) In reality, depending on the type and complexity of the security investigation requested. .


Dec 10, 2018 · “The polygraph is more about getting scared people to admit what they would have otherwise omitted on their SF-86 than it is about actually digging up deception independently. Others may take a year or more.

They were doing my polygraph, 2nd run through, and I popped a positive when he asked if i had ever stolen from my employer.

The polygraph examination is most often used to tease out information you may have failed to disclose in your initial SF-86.

com subscriber writes: I’m currently in the hiring and security clearance process for a 3-letter agency.

Some of these people are perfectly reasonable.

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