Saying goodbye is not always easy.

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Paul Valery.

Good night, darling! I hug my pillow, pretending it's you. Sweet dreams, if you sleep. ”—.

Hey you! Have a good night! 42.

As you fall asleep, know that you light up my life like the stars light up the night. 1. .

Coffee may make it better. Mihi fotunam spera.

Only you can genuinely feel it; everyone else can only see it.

Have a good sleep.

. 30 Funny Ways To Say Goodnight To A Friend.

Teddy bear’s summit. Time to ride the rainbow to dreamland! Have a nice sleep with beautiful dreams.

Good Night Baby Meme.
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I have a meeting overnight at dreamland. You can even use an emoji to make the text more special and cuter. .

Sep 21, 2021 · 12. . . “Can’t stop thinking about you, my love. I’m falling asleep with my phone in my hand. .


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Bed’s Netflix binge.


Goodnight and sleep tight, my love.